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I practice clinical hypnotherapy, this is a powerful modern technique which can help people to quickly and effectively transform their lives in a positive way. I use the latest research in neuroscience combined with relaxing trance to create lasting and effective change. My areas of special interest are anxiety, stress, personal growth and confidence, fertility, weight loss and insomnia. I also offer support with a range of other conditions.

Online therapy - Covid - 19 
I want to reassure you that during this difficult time I am still able to offer you effective support with any difficulties and challenges you may be facing. Due to Covid -19, following government and my professional body's guidelines I will be seeing clients online using the secure encrypted platform Zoom. Research has shown that online 1:1 therapy can be just as effective as in person appointments.

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I am a qualified clinical psychotherapist and hypnotherapist having trained with the Clifton Practice which is considered the gold standard of hypnotherapy training. I am registered with the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists. My areas of special interest are anxiety, insomnia and phobias. Please get in touch to discuss how hypnotherapy can help you.


Solution Based Hypnotherapy

Margaret J Oakley - Clinical Hypnotherapist

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kind words from clients...

"I have had depression and anxiety for many years which has despite extensive psychological counselling and CBT has been so severe for a prolonged period of time that it has prevented me from being able to leave my home without someone with me. In addition I have had to screen my telephone calls before answering. The hypnotherapy sessions were very effective from the very first session and enabled me to understand and adapt my behaviours to allow me to function more easily daily and my sleep is much improved in less early morning waking and hours that I now sleep. Previous therapies have not managed to bring about any long term impact on my mental health and well-being"

"very effective from the very first session" 

"I had a problem with my compulsive shopping and hoarding. For many years I was unable to understand why I was doing these things. On consulting Margaret and discussing my problems it  became apparent that there was something underlying my behaviour. Hypnotherapy allowed me to understand my behaviours and my underlying problems. The revelation about brain functioning was amazing and and aided my progress. My habits are now controlled and cause me to reflect on my purchasing."

"The revelation about brain functioning was amazing" 

"I felt instantly comfortable and open to the experience" 

"Thank you Margaret for guiding me to a brand new exciting and liberating way of being in the world. Margaret has a very friendly and warm approach, I felt instantly comfortable and open to the experience. Each session is positive -  the way it's structured and delivered it cant be anything else."

"Liberated me in a way I never could have expected." 

"It's not an exaggeration to say the sessions with Margaret has liberated me in a way I never could have expected. Hypnotherapy works in a way that cleverly gives you tools to navigate the real world. You walk away from a session with options you can use in daily life to get back to the real you. Learning about the mind, thoughts, how we are wired and programmed was a real education but it isnt heavy its great to know more about just how us humans are built, what is going on inside and how we can use that to our advantage."

"Margaret was very empathetic and understanding " 

"A friend recommended hypnotherapy after she had tried it with excellent results and recommended Margaret. Having had so many previous attempts to stop smoking using Nicotine patches, gum tablets and even medication from my GP, I was sceptical. I can only say that it was the best money I have ever spent. Margaret was very empathetic and understanding as well as professional. She explained each stage as we progressed. It’s been four months now, longest time without a cigarette in forty years.
Thank you so much Margaret"

"encouraged me to be the best version of myself"

"I began my sessions with Margaret as I was suffering from imposter syndrome in my career and wanted to build my confidence in a professional capacity. The positive impact of my sessions has bled in to all aspects of my life and I cannot thank Margaret enough for encouraging me to be the best version of myself"

What is hypnotherapy?
I practice solution focused hypnotherapy, which uses a combination of cutting edge psychotherapy called 'solution focused brief therapy', along with clinical hypnotherapy. This is a very powerful modern technique that can help people to quickly and effectively transform their lives in a positive way, creating lasting and effective change. My areas of special interest are anxiety, stress, fertility, weight loss, insomnia, personal growth and confidence. I also offer support with a range of other conditions.

How does hypnotherapy work?
Hypnotherapy is a relaxing and fast way to use all the mind's vast resources in a positive way to create change. Trance is a natural state which we all enter into every day when we daydream. Hypnotherapy harnesses this to create easy positive change. All the work is based upon the latest findings in neuroscience which has transformed our understanding of how the mind works and how quickly we can create real and lasting change.

Will I have to discuss my problems and past experiences?
No, solution focused hypnotherapy focuses on our awareness of the present, which can be a huge relief to people who don’t wish to focus on the problem or talk about the past. Instead, solution focused brief therapy looks to highlight and increase the strengths and resources we already have. In this way, we can move forward positively and we can achieve major changes and improvements through gaining control of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

What happens during your hypnotherapy session?
We will have a breakthrough initial consultation during which I will ask you about yourself and discuss how the brain works in relation to the issues you wish to address. We will explore how neuroscience can explain the difficulties you are experiencing and how we can create fast positive change. We will then agree a treatment plan together and I will give you a free download of a wonderfully relaxing trance which will help the process enormously. The follow up sessions will involve 25 minutes of psychotherapy which will help you to move forward in a positive way and a relaxing 25 minute trance which helps the brain to welcome and process the changes you are seeking to make.

Can hypnotherapy support personal development and growth?
Hypnotherapy is a life affirming therapy which can be used to create personal growth and promote confidence and change. If you are seeking to enhance your life and create more pleasure, enjoyment and success, hypnotherapy can support this.

I have clients from as far away as the United States and Canada as I work both nationally and internationally via Zoom, which is a secure encrypted platform. In addition I see clients in person at the Eco Offices Therapy Centre, Ullet Road Liverpool.

I offer a friendly and professional approach using an extremely diverse and unique range of personal development, therapeutic and coaching techniques and services. I am able to offer a range of interesting and engaging talks and workshops and am happy to travel to provide these services.


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